How can I help you?

$249 - Startup Technology Review
Technology is expensive and it's not unusual to find $10,000 or more in cost and time savings just by looking at different approaches. This includes a one hour review of technology needs for your startup or established business. Appointments available in person or via video chat.

$800 - Software Development, One Day
Experience, flexibility, and a focus on essentials mean we can often accomplish together in one day what might otherwise take a week or more. I am experienced in transactional web and mobile development as well as embedded systems, distributed control systems, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.
I prefer to track software development by the day rather than by the hour. If necessary, I can also bill at a traditional, hourly rate. My hourly rate begins at $150 depending on the type of work to be done.
A one hour, initial consultation is free. If I can provide a solution in that time, I will. I don't "save back" anything for billable time.