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$5999 - Managed Newsletter
Keep your customers eager to hear from you with a monthly newsletter. We write the content, design the layout and setup all the automation. Your customers will be fresh, interested, entertained and eager to open your emails. Includes one year of newsletters for up to 10,000 customers. Ask for pricing for larger lists.

$499 - Business Card Website Setup
Your potential customers are busy people who work, play and search on their phones. We create a crisp, responsive, mobile first website with your contact information and a custom written About page. About pages build relationships and relationships bring customers back again and again. Includes a domain name and Google G Suite setup if needed.

$49 - Business Card Website Hosting For One Month
We securely host your website on a fast, modern Content Distribution Network (CDN). Your website will load fast and look good with optimizations that make it among the most performant websites in the world. This is not your grandfather's webhosting.

$549 - Business Card Website Hosting For One Year
Pay by the year and get a month free.

$99 - Add A Page
Sometimes you need more room to say what you want to say. We can add additional pages for $100 each. There is no added hosting charge for additional pages.

$249 - Startup Technology Review
Technology is expensive and it's not unusual to find $10,000 or more in cost and time savings just by looking at different approaches. This includes a one hour review of technology needs for your startup or established business. Appointments available in person or via video chat.